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We prepare two similar runs on each day for the convenience of people in different time zones. Note that all the time has been adjusted to your local time zone.

Beijing Time

SUNDAY (June 20, 2021, Beijing Time)

20 JUN

20:00 - 00:30 (+1 day)

Workshop on Data Management
for End-to-End Machine Learning

Session Chair:
Matthias Boehm
Julia Stoyanovich
Steven Whang

Zoom Link
Youtube Live

Session 1 - Keynote 1: 20:00 - 21:00 (Beijing Time)

Session Chair: Steven Whang

Connecting ML Applications to Real World Data [Academic Keynote]
Sebastian Schelter (University of Amsterdam)

Session 2 - ML Systems: 21:30 - 22:30 (Beijing Time)

Session Chair: Matthias Boehm

Towards Understanding End-to-end Learning in the Context of Data: Machine Learning Dancing over Semirings and Codd's Table [Invited Academic Talk]
Ce Zhang (ETH Zurich)

Machine Learning in SQL by Translation to TensorFlow
Nantia Makrynioti (CWI, Athens University of Economics and Business); Ruy Ley-Wild (Google, LogicBlox); Vasilis Vassalos (Athens University of Economics and Business)

Understanding and Optimizing Packed Neural Network Training for Hyper-Parameter Tuning
Rui Liu; Sanjan Krishnan; Aaron J. Elmore; Michael J. Franklin (University of Chicago)

Session 3 - Keynote 2: 22:35 - 23:25 (Beijing Time)

Session Chair: Julia Stoyanovich

Explainable Opinion Summarization [Industrial Keynote]
Wang-Chiew Tan (Facebook AI)

Session 4 - Fairness and Applications: 23:30 - 00:30 (+1 day) (Beijing Time)

Session Chair: Julia Stoyanovich

Semantic Enrichment of Data for AI Applications [Invited Industry Talk]
Fatma Ozcan (Google Cloud)

FairRover: Explorative Model Building for Fair and Responsible Machine Learning
Hantian Zhang (Georgia Institute of Technology); Nima Shahbazi (University of Illinois at Chicago); Xu Chu (Georgia Institute of Technology); Abolfazl Asudeh (University of Illinois at Chicago)

NNCompare: A framework for dataset selection, data augmentation and comparison of different neural networks for medical image analysis
Lena Wiese (Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, Goethe University Frankfurt); Deborah Höltje (Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine)

Joint Workshop on Graph Data
Management Experiences & Systems (GRADES)
and Network Data Analytics (NDA)

Session Chair:
Vasiliki Kalavri
Nikolay Yakovets

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Youtube Live

Keynote 1: 20:00 - 21:00 (Beijing Time)

Session Chair: Angela Bonifati

Graph Processing Systems Back to the Future
Angela Bonifati

Session 1 (Research): 21:30 - 22:50 (Beijing Time)

Demystifying Memory Access Patterns of FPGA-Based Graph Processing Accelerators
Jonas Dann, Daniel Ritter and Holger Fröning

Context-Free Path Querying with All-Path Semantics by Matrix Multiplication
Rustam Azimov, Ilya Epelbaum and Semyon Grigorev

A GraphBLAS implementation in pure Java
Florentin Dörre, Alexander Krause, Dirk Habich and Martin Junghanns

Large-scale Influence Maximization with the Influence Maximization Benchmarker Suite
Heiko Geppert, Sukanya Bhowmik and Kurt Rothermel

Keynote 2: 23:00 - 23:50 (Beijing Time)

Session Chair: Samuel Scarpino

Networked Data and COVID-19
Samuel Scarpino

Session 2 (Industry): 00:00 - 00:30 (+1 day) (Beijing Time)

Neo4j & the Graph Data Science Library
Alicia Frame, Director of Graph Data Science, Neo4j

Graph processing in multi-model workloads using SAP HANA
Matthias Hauck, SAP

GraphScope PatMat: Interactive Mining of Graph Patterns at Scale
Zhengping Qian, Alibaba

GRADES-NDA Workshop Lunch
+ free-roam posters and demos:
00:30 - 01:30 (Beijing Time)
(Gather Link)

Session 3 (Research): 01:30 - 02:30 (Beijing Time)

Position Paper: Bitemporal Dynamic Graph Analytics
Hassan Halawa and Matei Ripeanu

LSQB: A Large-Scale Subgraph Query Benchmark
Amine Mhedhbi, Matteo Lissandrini, Laurens Kuiper, Jack Waudby and Gábor Szárnyas

R2GSync and Edge Views: Practical RDBMS to GDBMS Synchronization
Nafisa Anzum and Semih Salihoglu

Workshop on Big Data in
Emergent Distributed Environments

Session Chair:
Sven Groppe
Le Gruenwald
Ching-Hsien Hsu

Zoom Link
Youtube Live

Session 1: 20:00 - 21:30 (Beijing Time)

FogBus2: A Lightweight and Distributed Container-based Framework for Integration of IoT-enabled Systems with Edge and Cloud Computing
Qifan Deng, Mohammad Goudarzi, Rajkumar Buyya

Joint Blockchain and Federated Learning-based Offloading in Harsh Edge Computing Environments
Guanjin Qu, Huaming Wu, Naichuan Cui

Distributed training for accelerating metalearning algorithms
Shruti Kunde, Amey Pandit, Mayank Mishra, Rekha Singhal

Scale-Down Experiments on TPCx-HS
Maximilian Böther, Tilmann Rabl

Keynote 1: 22:30 - 23:30 (Beijing Time)

Session Chair: Konstantinos Karanasos

Enterprise-Grade Machine Learning in Azure Data
Konstantinos Karanasos (Microsoft's Gray Systems Lab (GSL))

Session 2: 00:00 (+1 day) - 01:30 (Beijing Time)

Situational Awareness with Multimodal Streaming Data Fusion: Serverless Computing Approach
Alina Nesen, Bharat Bhargava

Auditable Serverless Computing for Farm Management
Servio Palacios, Drew Zabrocki, Bharat Bhargava, Vaneet Aggarwal

On Discovering Semantics of User-Defined Functions in Data Processing Workflows
Michal Bodziony, Hubert Krzyzanowski, Lukasz Pieta, Robert Wrembel

Towards an Emulation Tool based on Ontologies and Data Life Cycles for Studying Smart Buildings
Christophe Cerin, Frédéric Andres, Danielle Geldwerth-Feniger

keynote 2: 02:00 - 03:00 (Beijing Time)

Session Chair: Alvin Cheung

A PACTful Agenda for Cloud Programming Research
Alvin Cheung (UC Berkeley)

21 JUN

00:30 - 02:30

21 JUN

02:30 - 03:00